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Lean - To Conservatories 

Wrexham Conservatories: Lean to


Simple in design, lean to conservatories are popular for their clean lines and appearance. Many homeowners choose this minimalist style due to its affordability.


The lean to features a low-pitched roof making it perfectly suited to bungalows or houses which are restricted by height.


This style is ideal for those who prefer an understated look; their contemporary design can be found within many modern properties.


The Lean to can be tailored to suit any property and can be found in a variety of colours and finishes.This conservatory is extremely versatile and provides homeowners with a number of fantastic design options.


Affordable, the Lean to conservatory is perfect for those on a budget. Their simple construction means less labour is used, saving precious time and costs. You will find that the installation cost is significantly lower compared to other conservatory designs.